How to Love Your Customers with Inbound Marketing

by Jennifer Beever

Love your customersIn today’s busy, information congested world, you need to love your customer to stand out. Don’t sell to them, spam them, tolerate or ignore them. Love them.


Don’t sell, nurture.

What? Nurture? What does that have to do with marketing? It means that instead of pushing solutions on your prospects and customers, you put valuable information online and attract qualified prospects.

Don’t spam them.

It turns out other marketers had this topic ready for Valentine’s Day, and no one did it better than Hubspot. You see, in the rush to get on social media and connect, many marketers are behaving badly. Instead of sending valuable, helpful content, they are spamming their customers and prospects. Check out HubSpot’s Make Love Not Spam campaign launched today, complete with video, branded items for purchase, eBook, presentation slides, all culminating in a call to attend INBOUND conference in Boston on August 19-22, 2013. (I captured key points of the video below.)

  • There are 200 business spam emails each day. 70% are from marketers. Bad, bad marketers.
  • A sample household received 41 pounds of junk mail each year. 100 million trees are killed and it costs 550 million per year to transport junk mail.

Don’t bore them.

Be original. Write a blog. Have an opinion. Take a stand. Differentiate your company and products. Provide some answers or some insight. Add value.

How else can we love our customers? Please comment below.



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