6 Ways B2B Marketers Can Add Value on Cyber-Monday

by Jennifer Beever

Flickr Phot by MrsDKrebs, Some Rights Reserved

Not every B2B business has an e-commerce website or is willing to discount prices. On Cyber-Monday, there are other things of value to offer your customers and prospects. Here are six ideas:

1. Launch a new product or service or informational website on Cyber-Monday and provide a special offer.

2. Post a new, downloadable how-to in the form of a user-guide, video, or eBook that will help your customers and prospects.

3. Email a reminder of some existing key content on your website that can help your customers and prospects.

4. Set up a mobile version of your website and remind customers and prospects that you’re providing easier access to make their online experience easier.

5. Provide a branded promo item related to online buying (a mouse pad, a computer screen wipe, a wrist rest).

6. Email a gift of a Starbucks shopping break (Starbucks will send $5+ to multiple recipients for you – custom logos & messages extra).

Note that all of the above ideas add value for your customers and prospects. Don’t “Cyber-Monday wash” by slapping the words on your sales email, hoping to pick up traffic or a couple of transactions. Recipients see right through hard selling under the guise of a national holiday or event.


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