What Marketing Content Works Best for B2B eNewletters?

by Jennifer Beever

The Original Movable TypeDeciding what kind of content to include in your B2B eNewsletter isn’t easy. It’s a challenge to stand out when your prospects’ email inboxes are overflowing with hundreds – maybe thousands – of emails begging for their attention.

I have found that the eNewsletters I like include a combination of interesting and valuable content. They may include how-to or opinion articles, quotes by thought leaders, personal stories, recipes, and even jokes. They are thoughtful and intelligent. They are not a regurgitation of what others have said before, but they include original content.

How do you decide what to include in your eNewsletter?

Here are three things to consider when planning your B2B eNewsletter content:

1. Understand your target audience.

Include content that your audience will appreciate, read, even look forward to. If you have a diverse audience, you might consider sending multiple emails with different content based on a particular audience’s needs. Managers or technicians might want how-to’s and tips. Busy executives may want case studies – how do others succeed with a product or solution? – and leadership quotes.

2. Make your content diverse and interesting.

I encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to content. What information helps you run your business, your family, your personal life? Do you really want to stick to “just business” or do you want to have a more holistic approach? Can you include a short story about your personal life or something that happened in your career that is funny or meaningful?

Use graphics to break up text and consider posting full articles on your website with just an excerpt in your eNewsletter and a link to “Read More….”. This allows you to see which eNewsletter recipients are interested enough to click through and read the entire article. I have one client that hands a report of people who click through to her sales people for follow-up.

3. Include your company “personality”.

A lot of B2B marketers feel they should keep communications limited to business. But, remember that today people get engaged emotionally with people and businesses they like. What can you include that clues the reader into the culture or personality of your business? News about employees getting degrees, awards, or (with their permission) birthdays and more? Can you include a photo of your company picnic, basketball team or volunteering in the community?

Put some extra effort into your eNewsletter content so that you stand out from the rest. Chances are your competitors aren’t taking the time and effort to do this. A little extra effort goes a long way.

(For tips on how to streamline the eNewsletter process, read my previous post, 5 Ways to Systematize your eNewsletter Production Process.)

If you need help setting up your eNewsletter and other marketing communications, contact New Incite today. We’ve designed and produced successful marketing newsletters – both hard copy and email – for many businesses.

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