Why Brand Impressions on Facebook are Way Better than Email

by Jennifer Beever

I recently compared the brand impression that I get from a company that I subscribe to via email versus on Facebook. The Greenopia emailed newsletter comes to my Microsoft Outlook, and I can scroll through it and view (in a cramped space – I read emails in the bottom half-pane of my Outlook) the myriad of links and information they offer in each issue. Their logo is at the top of the email, and once I start scrolling, “poof!” the logo is no longer visibile. I try to scan the various paragraphs to see if anything interests me, and occasionally I click through to their web site. That is, I click through unless some other bright shiny email object gets my attention and I’m off on another task.

View brand from email newsletter

In one email newsletter, I was offered the choice to become a friend of the company on Facebook. Hmmm. Interesting, I thought, why not? I clicked through and became a friend. When a Greenopia link appeared on my Facebook newsfeed, I was struck by the brand impression it made on me. The logo was crisp and there was one simple offer for my tired brain to scan and click through or pass on. Greenopia scatters these links thoughout the week. There aren’t too many, so I don’t feel overwhelmed. There are enough, however, to create a brand impression.

Greenopia on Facebook 2The logo and one link offered for me to click through, displayed on a full screen? Or, the email newsletter where the logo disappears upon scrolling and there are many links offered for click-through? I prefer the Facebook option. Furthermore, there is no spam filter on Facebook that will prevent me from seeing something I opted into. In this environment where we are inundated with information, Facebook builds brand better than email.


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