Why a Square Logo is Better for Online Marketing

by Jennifer Beever

If your logo is not square, it should be! Why? Because more and more online and electronic  logos display best in a square format. For example, a logo that is horizontal must be reduced to a small size to fit in your email signature line (and to avoid having a large graphic in your email). As a result, the company name in the logo may not be legible.

Many social media profiles feature  thumbnail graphics, and if you want to display your brand to its best advantage, a horizontal or vertical logo doesn’t show as well as a square logo. Below I use the example of my own logo designed eleven years ago (I don’t embarrass or pick on any one company or designer).

The Problem with Online Logos

If your logo has a landscape or horizontal format, when you try to apply it to your Facebook company page, it doesn’t display very well. Here’s how my company logo and a couple service logos display on my Facebook company page:

Logo Format for Online Marketing

LinkedIn also displays logos in a thumbnail on its company pages, so the problem crosses over many online uses, especially in social profiles.

What’s the Solution?

Do you really need to scrap your horizontal or vertical logo and create a new one, incurring extra cost and taking the chance of losing brand recognition? It is OK to create a small version of your logo to use online in addition to your existing logo – see some examples below. This works especially well if you are a known brand.

Logos adapted for online marketing

But, if you are just now creating a logo for a new company or new product, my suggestion is to “go square” now, when you can!

For a quote on creating logos for your company, products or services, or with any questions about how to create the best online marketing presence, call New Incite today at 818-347-4248 or contact us via email.


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