Top 10 Social Media Questions Businesses Have

by Jennifer Beever

Social MediaB2B marketers are adopting social media, but they have a lot of questions about it!

In a recent blog post, Paul Dunay referenced Jeff Bullas‘ blog on  B2B social media statistics. The stats referenced on Bullas’ blog are from an Ernst Agency video – including one that says 81% of B2B marketers have social media accounts compared to 67% of B2C marketers!

Michael Stelzner published results of an April 2010 survey of over 1300 small business owners about social media marketing. Here are the top ten questions on respondents’ minds regarding social media:

1. How do you measure social media marketing?

2. What are social media best practices?

3. How do you manage time spent on social media?

4. How do you reach your target audience?

5. How do you convert followers to site visitors and prospective customers?

6. How do you implement a social media program?

7. What are the trends in social media marketing?

8. How do you get started in social media?

9. How do you integrate social media with other marketing programs?

10. How do you evaluate the costs and benefits of social media marketing?

What’s your question about social media? Please comment below.

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