Technology Marketers Adopt Web 2.0 Earlier

by Jennifer Beever

The pain of this economic downturn, combined with the availability of cost-effective marketing technologies, is forcing a necessary shift to new, more desired, marketing tactics.

In his BNet technology blog, Michael Hickins references a survey by The Chief Marketing Officer Council that shows technology CMOs plan to reduce marketing spend in 2009 and focus more on customer advocacy than customer satisfaction. Overall, 62% of CMOs surveyed plan to maintain or increase their marketing budget. 55% of technology CMOs plan to reduce their budget.

According to Forrester Research, technology companies are facing a 3% technology spending decline in 2009, which ends six years of growth in global technology purchases. Are technology CMOs making a mistake by cutting their marketing budgets?

Cutting a marketing budget does not have to mean sacrificing results. Online marketing is much more cost-effective than traditional methods such as print ads and direct mail. And, attracting new customers through customers who advocate your product via blogs, Twitter, and other social media sites is pull marketing, much preferred today over the intrusive push marketing of traditional media.


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