Social Media Outsourcing – Is It Right?

by Jennifer Beever

Social Media GhostwriterThe reason to engage in social media sites online such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook is to have authentic, engaging, transparent conversations with people with whom you want to connect.

With authentic, transparent engagement in mind, is it OK to outsource your social media to a third party social media company or consultant?

My answer is that it’s not all right to outsource your social media – completely. What I believe is OK and can get you better results as you get started in social media is to hire a social media consultant or marketing firm to help you analyze and plan your social media strategy. That person or company can also provide ongoing research,  analysis and content creation that fits your marketing persona and your social media strategy goals. At New Incite we call this our Back Office Social Media Support service (shameless self-promotion plug #1). With the Back Office Social Media Support service, we do the behind the scenes research, consulting and content creation and provide it to you for approval. You update profiles, approve and edit blog entries and message your followers. Transparent. Authentic. Engaging.

We also offer a turnkey solution, Social Media Total Outsource (shameless self-promotion plug #2). This is my second choice for our clients, because we’re doing all the back office work as well as all social media communications on your behalf. We’re as authentic and engaging as possible, because we spend time developing your marketing persona and strategy. We get your approval before any messages or communications are sent out. As time goes on and you see the benefits of engaging with followers gained through Social Media Total Outsource, our hope is you take over the communications and engagement and move to the Back Office Social Media Support service. I’d rather see you establish a social media presence rather than not, even if it means we’re doing all the work  at the beginning.

What do you think? Is social media outsourcing right or wrong?

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