Less Email, More Web 2.0

by Jennifer Beever

As job losses and market downturns increased in the beginning of this year, I wanted a way to reach out to technology and manufacturing businesses to provide some marketing “new insight”. But I just couldn’t bring myself to send out yet another email. From 2001 to 2005, I used Constant Contact to send out monthly emails linking to new articles about B2B marketing on my web site. I stopped sending email a couple of years ago. It was all just getting to be too much – hundreds, thousands of emails going into spam files – and everyone getting inundated with email messages. Now in the recession I’m getting even more promo email that I haven’t even opted into, AKA “spam”.

If I don’t want more email, I’m guessing neither do you, so I’m using this blog, my LinkedIn profile for business and my Facebook profile (more for personal), and micro-blogging on Twitter to reach manufacturers and technology companies and the people who know them. I may send an occasional email to for an announcement or important information.


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