How Businesses Can Market Like Beyoncé

by Jennifer Beever

 Photo on Flickr by AlexJohnson, Some rights reserved
Photo on Flickr by AlexJohnson, Some rights reserved


This month Beyoncé bypassed usual methods for releasing a new album and instead used social media to surprise her fans. It’s a great example of creative marketing, leveraging a fan base and followers on social media as well as using the element of surprise that resulting in record-breaking sales on iTunes.

But, you say, businesses don’t have fan bases! The reality is that a business can have a fan base in its followers online. By connecting and engaging with customers, partners, prospective customers and industry contacts, your business can market like Beyoncé.

1. Connect to the right people on social media.

First, you need to connect with the right people and understand your audience. Who will buy your product or service? Who will influence the buyers of your product? What do they like; how do they behave?

2. Create and build your brand story online.

Second, you need to establish your brand, and make it interesting by telling your brand story. As a marketer, you must keep in mind that buyers are inundated with competing products and services. Your brand and your brand story is one way to stand out. And, the more interesting your brand is, the more people will share it online. To keep your brand consistent, you should have a written brand strategy before you start marketing or messaging online.

3. Engage with your followers.

Third, now that you’ve made your connections and established your brand, you need to engage with your followers. Post messages and content that will interest them. Add value and show up consistently. Don’t sell, but tell your story.

4. Plan and execute a compelling launch.

Fourth, when it’s time to launch that new product or service, put a plan together for how you will do it. Will you publish a launch video and distribute a press release online, post launch messages on key social media platforms? Will you post regular and varied Tweets during the first day – the first week – of your launch? Will you arrange for bloggers in your industry to write about your launch? Maybe stage a stunt or promotion that can be easily shared online? Beyoncé released 17 videos with her album launch, making the initial experience of her new music very entertaining. The media coverage was extensive, and it was “free” – a great example of leveraging social media resulting in “earned media.”

Don’t wait until your product or service offering is complete before you begin connecting on social media. It’s a process that you should start at least three months before launch.

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