5 Signs You’re Buying SEO Snake Oil

by Jennifer Beever

SEO Snake OilWhen you bought SEO services, did you pay to improve your website’s performance in search engine results? Or, did you actually pay to get your website demoted from the results or even delisted?

If your SEO vendor doesn’t understand the latest search engine algorithm changes (notably Google Penguin 2.0, which I blogged about recently in More SEO Tactics Bite the Dust with Google Penguin 2.0), you may have bought search engine optimization snake oil.

Here are some of the warning signs:

1. Your SEO vendor still focuses on quantity, not quality, of incoming links to your website.

2. Your SEO vendor wants to set up landing pages spiked with your keywords.

3. Your SEO vendor has nothing in their proposal about content relevant to your customers and prospects.

4. Your SEO vendor insists that you sign on for an extended time period.

5. Your SEO vendor doesn’t designate that their services are done as “work for hire.” which can mean upon cancellation you lose what they created.

Today getting found online is all about offering valuable content that is shared by others on social media. If you provide good content, people will read it, comment on it, and link to it. So beware SEO snake oil and start blogging, creating videos, posting articles and other helpful content for your audience(s).

If you’re confused by SEO proposals you’ve received or tactics provided by SEO vendors, contact New Incite today. We can provide a proposal review as a neutral party who knows SEO (we’ve been doing SEO since 1998). We can also provide an SEO audit of your website and social media activity and make recommendations for improvements.


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