What’s Wrong with Your B2B Web Site?

by Jennifer Beever

Run AwayHave you spent money on your web site, search engine optimization (SEO), maybe even online pay per click (PPC) advertising to drive more traffic to your site? Are you getting more traffic, but no return on your investment in the form of sales revenue? How do you get web site visitors to convert to customers and generate sales?

Today we need to track more than the number of visitors to a web site and where they come from. How do visitors behave? What do they click on from your home page? Where do they go? What do they do?

If visitors to your site are leaving, you need to ask more questions. Is your site easy to navigate for your target audience? Is it targeted to your key customer segments? Does it have valuable content for your target audience? Does each page have a strategy and an expected outcome that you can measure?

Is there a way for a visitor to your site to take some action short of buying now? If they’re not ready to buy now, how can they stay in touch with you? Does each page on your web site have a few actions a visitor can take such as subscribing to your blog or newsletter or following you on Facebook or Twitter, so they are not forced into an “all or nothing” call to action? (By “all or nothing” I mean the one where the web site says “Contact Us!” The visitor reads, “Contact Us So We Can Annoy You With Our Sales Pitch!” and doesn’t call.)

Now that you’ve invested your hard-earned marketing dollars in driving more traffic to your site, make sure you’re getting results when visitors are there. Connect with them, engage them, and you’ll have a better chance at converting them to customers.

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Mike Wise February 23, 2011 at 12:39 pm

Jen, great questions. All the more relevant in the era of Social Tech. I’ll add a couple more for the B2B space. How does your Web site establish you as a recognized industry expert? Does your Web site feature Comments from visitors prominently, or is it all about you or your business? Are there some non-business spaces on the site, or is it all just sell-sell-sell? How are you engaging your current clients to add value through the site?

Any one else have something to add?

Curious Jen, if you’d be open to share a couple of your favorite B2B sites as an example? Thanks for opening the dialog?

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