How to Blog: How Often Should I Blog?

by Jennifer Beever

what does blog meanHow often should you write and publish blog posts to get results from your blog? The answer depends on how competitive your industry is, what kind of results you want, and how much time resource you have to devote to blogging.

What results do you want from your blog?

If you are writing your blog to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, you have some leeway as to how many blog posts you publish each month. If there isn’t much information about what you do online, you could become a go-to expert by writing one post a month. I have a consulting colleague who specializes in a niche science. He blogs once a week and gets great results.

If your objective for the blog is to get found online and drive more traffic to your site, you might consider more frequency, perhaps one to three posts per week. The difference between one and three blog posts each week may depend on the next question.

How competitive is your industry?

If you have few competitors in your industry, or if you have few competitors who have established themselves online, you many not have to publish that frequently to get found online. If your industry is competitive, the more frequently you post, the better results you will get, because you’ll have more chance of bubbling up to the top of the search engine results with your blog posts.

What kind of resource do you have for blogging?

Finally, you need to ask yourself how much time and resource your business can dedicate to blogging. You can outsource your blog writing or ask existing employees to blog. It takes at least a half hour to an hour to write each blog post, depending on your topics, industry and the level of detail your readers expect.

Whether you blog once a month, once a week, or once a day, the important thing is to be consistent. There is nothing worse than landing on a blog and seeing a date from months or years ago.

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