Do’s and Don’ts for Re-Purposing Content to Your Blog

by Jennifer Beever

Blog ChecklistIt’s efficient to re-purpose content into your B2B marketing blog. But, there is some content that really doesn’t belong.

Be careful. Your B2B marketing blog is not a place to cut and paste just any existing content, so you can make your per week blog post quota and bump up your SEO performance. Done right, your blog should add value for its readers. With that in mind, here are lists of the content you should add and what you should not add to your blog.

Content to Add to Your B2B Marketing Blog

  • Product how-to’s. Tips, techniques, video how-to’s all apply here.
  • Service what’s and why’s. (If you sell services, don’t give away too many of your how-to’s)
  • Industry news, with your opinion as to why it is important.
  • Employee news that conveys the humanness of your organization.
  • Company news with an explanation of what it means to employees, customers and the community.
  • Interviews with customers, vendors, suppliers, employees and industry experts.
  • Excerpts from whitepapers and articles that are re-written to be more conversational.

Content You Should Not Add to Your B2B Marketing Blog

  • Verbatim copies of your press releases.
  • Cut and pasted verbatim copies of industry news.
  • Abstracts of any news that don’t include your opinion of the news.
  • Blog posts less than three paragraphs.
  • Product user guide excerpts that don’t have an explanation about when or how the customer can use them.

The most important thing is that you add value for the readers of your blog. If you’ve seen some ridiculous or meaningless blog posts, please describe them in the comments below.

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