Trade Show Resources for the B2B Marketer

Are you a B2B marketer trying to answer the question, “Are trade shows worth the expense?” Do you want to learn how to increase your trade show return on investment (ROI)? Would you benefit from learning some cost-savings tips?

Here are some resources from our website pages that can help:

Trade Show Tips Article

Learn nine success tips for getting results from exhibiting at trade shows in this article titled The Truth about Trade Shows: Nine Tips for Marketing Success by Jennifer Beever, Marketing Consultant, New Incite.

Trade Show Marketing Blog Entries

from New Incite’s  B2B Marketing Traction Blog

Why Spending More on Your Trade Show Increases ROI – April 23, 2012 blog entry about why spending more on your trade shows yields a higher ROI. Hint – it’s not enough to just show up and then go home!

8 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Trade Show Exhibit – June 22, 2011 blog entry based on a Skyline webinar about using social media to promote your exhibit. Read the blog entry for some very creative ideas!

Trade Show Trends B2B Marketers Need to Know – September 21, 2010 blog entry with 5 key trends that are happening with the trade show industry that affect B2B marketers.

Trade Show Tricks to Maximize Marketing ROI – April 13, 2010 blog entry with 6 trade show tricks that will help you maximize your return on marketing investment, yet not cost a lot of money!

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