B2B Strategic Marketing Planning

Your strategic marketing plan is a key factor for marketing success. A good plan provides the information you need to implement successful marketing throughout the year, including the right strategies, tactics, the timeline and the budget. If you write your own marketing plan, New Incite can facilitate your annual marketing plan brainstorming session, providing fresh ideas and “new insight” to make your marketing plan more successful.

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Strategic Marketing Plans

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Testimonial for New Incite’s Marketing Plans

I hired Jennifer Beever to create a marketing concept and plan for my company, a PLM solution provider. She sought first to understand what Metafore needed and then created a practical and feasible marketing plan that we were able to execute very well. Following her plan has generated excellent results for us. I recommend Jennifer to anyone who is looking for help in developing a marketing strategy and plan for his or her organization.

— Andreas Lindenthal, President, Metafore, LLC

Benefits of the Written Marketing Plan

One benefit of having a written plan ahead of time is that it allows you to negotiate the best rates for ongoing services and products from your marketing vendors for the entire year. A second, important benefit of the written marketing plan is that it keeps everyone on the same page as to what will be done, when, who is responsible, and how much you’re going to spend on marketing.

Written B2B Marketing Plans

The value of written marketing plans is that it helps keep everyone “on the same page” about what marketing activities need to be done, why, when, how and what the cost will be. The marketing plan is a good document for client sign-off before implementation begins.

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Based on research, analysis, and brainstorming, New Incite creates a written, tactical marketing plan. The tactical marketing plan includes an executive summary, description of overall business objectives, and the specific objective, action plan, task list, expected results, estimated cost and measurement metric for each marketing activity. Importantly, each marketing activity is tied back to one of the overall business objectives.

Included in the marketing plan is a timeline (presented in the form of a Gantt chart) that shows each tactic, when it will occur, who will do the tactic, expected results and what it will cost. The Gantt chart timeline is a one-page picture of the written marketing plan that at a glance shows you where you are and what you need to do to execute your marketing plan.

B2B Marketing Brainstorm Sessions

There’s a goldmine in your company that you may not be tapping – it’s your employees. Brainstorming on marketing with employees from sales, marketing, customer service, and other departments can be incredibly eye-opening and beneficial.

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We start with business goals and drill down to identify the strategies and tactics that will support the goals. We have open discussions of what’s working and not working. Because New Incite has an understanding of traditional marketing tactics such as trade shows, advertising, direct mail and PR as well as online marketing tactics such as web sites, search engine optimization, social networks, inbound marketing and lead nurturing, we can facilitate the discussion to encourage open discussions about new tactics and new opportunities.

We make sure to enforce the golden rule of brainstorming, “There are no bad ideas.” In addition, we make every effort to guard against marketing myopia (“We’ve always done it that way”) or Not Invented Here (NIH) syndrome (“We didn’t invent it, therefore we can’t use it”) and generate open discussions that lead to positive change.

New Incite provides a report on the brainstorming session, including raw brainstorming ideas, strategic insights and directions that the group supports.

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