B2B Marketing Measurement

Contact Management System Implementation

If you are not tracking the results of your B2B marketing program, you could be wasting precious resources that could be better served on other projects. Businesses need to track incoming leads, the source of the leads, and subsequent sales and marketing activities with the leads to analyze its marketing and sales effectiveness. New Incite helps you assess your contact management system needs, select the right system for your environment and your budget, and implement the system, including training employees.

Marketing Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis

New Incite has extensive experience in analyzing marketing results. We work with you to calculate cost of leads, conversion rates, and marketing return on investment for each marketing activity and for your marketing program as a whole. Once the data is calculated, New Incite helps you interpret the results. We help you compare the lead conversion rates against cost per lead to evaluate lead quality. We analyze sales conversion rates to assess the quality of your sales efforts as well as the quality of the leads. We compare Marketing ROI for each activity to prioritize those with the highest return.