B2B Marketing Research and Analysis

Marketing Situation Analysis

New Incite provides a thorough analysis of each client’s current marketing situation, including an analysis of the industry, competition, customer base, as well as economic, demographic, and psychographic trends. The situation analysis includes a review of the firm’s specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – all information critical to creating the most effective marketing program. Based on findings from the situation analysis, New Incite recommends appropriate sales and marketing strategies and tactics and provides decision models with recommended action items.

Marketing Competitive Analysis

While at New Incite we believe that watching the competition can be a lateral-looking exercise (especially if that is all you do), there is tremendous value in analyzing your competitors. The Competitive Analysis is a subset of a complete Marketing Situation Analysis. Many business owners have never undertaken this step and learn about possible new products, new markets and new ways of doing business that are more cost-effective and profitable.

We review 5-10 competitors, analyzing their online tactics, accessing marketing collateral and researching their company history. We use key industry indicators to rank the competition in comparison to our client.

Marketing Customer Analysis

A part of the complete Marketing Situation Analysis, the Marketing Customer Analysis involves analyzing, segmenting and surveying customers directly to identify top customer segments, assess the profitability of each customer segment, as well as customer satisfaction with and perceptions of our client.

Many business owners cannot identify their most profitable customers. They may be investing resources and marketing in a segment or with customers that are not the most profitable, therefore wasting time and money. With an understanding of customer segments, their profitability, psychographics and demographics, our clients can make strategic marketing and sales investment decisions that make them more money.

Too many times business owners think they know who they are and how they are perceived in their industry, only to receive a completely different understanding directly from the mouths of their own customers. This kind of primary research and analysis has led to breakthrough changes for our clients that were only possible by interviewing customers directly. In addition, because 70% of new product and service ideas come from customers, Marketing Customer Analyses have uncovered opportunities of which our clients would never have dreamed.

Strategic Performance Assessment

Manually surveying your managers, employees, and customers to assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

New Incite can quickly benchmark your company against a best practice database based on over 3,000 global organizations. In as little time as one week we can show you how you compare and where you need to focus attention to become a world-class organization.

We use an online assessment tool with which each executive or key manager anonymously answers questions about your company. We process the responses and provide results, including easy-to-understand graphics, reports, as well as the raw data for reference. We facilitate review of the reports and create an action plan, complete with ROI measures that your organization can work with.

Companies like Boeing, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Edison International, Household Insurance Group, Kellogg’s, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, McGraw-Hill, Nature’s Best, and Warner-Lambert have benefited from this same performance analysis tool.


New Incite is a certified QuadStrat consultant since 2000.