Seth Godin and “Me Mail”

by Jennifer Beever

In the last few weeks, I’ve been opting out of email newsletters, with which some of my colleagues have been marketing for years. I have to admit, I feel a little guilty as the email opt-out screens pop up and I answer “why?” to my friends and colleagues. Yes, I actually take the time time to provide an explanation!

A few days ago I watched Seth Godin’s presentation, Sliced bread and other marketing delights. Spend 18+ minutes and watch this – I love the part where he says people don’t want email, they want “me-mail.” And, that is exactly where I am at. I am listening to radio station WIIFM, aka “what’s in it for me.” At any time, I can probably find what I need online or ask my online connections to help me. Pushing emails at me on your time schedule (not on mine) is a waste of time.

I solved the email-opt-out-guilt problem. Instead of writing that I was “so sorry to opt out because email became too much for me,” I now write, “I’m cutting back on email. Can we connect on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn instead?”


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