CMO for Hire Services Provide Timely Savings for Business Owners

Press Contact:
Jennifer Beever
New Incite
818-347-4248 (work cell)

Los Angeles, CaliforniaJanuary 18, 2010 — More than ever in 2010, business owners need to market to find new customers and build market share, but many no longer have the budget to hire full-time experienced marketing professionals. New Incite’s outsource CMO for Hire services provide a solution in which business owners can get senior level marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee with benefits.

“We’ve been offering outsource CMO for Hire services since 1997. The way it works is we compare the scope of work that our client needs with their budget. We then estimate the time required each month to provide enough marketing services that will get results yet at the same time stay close to the budget of the business owners,” says New Incite founder Jennifer Beever. “It’s a practical, win-win for both our firm and for our clients, and we expect demand to increase over the next few years as business owners add marketing expertise to the list of services they need to outsource.”

When businesses hire full-time staff to handle functions like marketing, they have to include benefits and perhaps bonus costs as part of their expense. By comparison, outsource marketing resources don’t require a full-time salary, benefits or other overhead. Outsource resources may work on a retainer, hourly, or project basis, with costs may range from $2,000 to 8,000 per month for a senior-level professional ($24,000 – 96,000 per year), depending on the amount and type of work that needs to be outsourced.

In addition to the cost-savings of outsource marketing services, other benefits include getting a marketing perspective outside of a business’s culture and industry and not having to spend time managing marketing staff.

New Incite is a marketing consultancy that offers B2B marketing analysis and planning, implementation of marketing plans and analysis of results for businesses. It was founded by Jennifer Beever in 1997 in Woodland Hills, CA. New Incite works cross industry, with a particular focus on technology, manufacturing and green companies.

For more information about Jennifer Beever, New Incite or its outsource CMO for Hire services, visit www.newincite.com or contact Jennifer Beever by email or by calling 818-347-4248.