Mission, Values, Ideal Client


New Incite provides clients with new insight for their marketing success, and we incite them to positive change.

We do this by offering Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Hire services, including strategic, B2B marketing planning and tactical marketing implementation and measurement.

We excel at creating a right brain, big picture, strategic view that we can distill down to marketing tactics that get results, while at the same time using left brain analyses to identify new opportunities, manage projects and measure results.


Clarity. We help business owners cut through the multitude of options to identify and systematize the right marketing tactics for their company.

Perspective. We translate new marketing concepts and provide pragmatic feedback to our clients so that they can make informed decisions.

Creativity. We bring creativity to marketing strategy, positioning, messaging, graphic design, and copy writing.

Visionary. We share our vision of what works in marketing with clients, prospects and colleagues, and are often the first to introduce new marketing concepts to our network.

Innovation. We don’t shrink from new ideas and while we may not the earliest adopters, we’ve often been a pioneer in our business networks in new tactics such as online marketing, including search engine optimization/SEO (1998-present), content marketing (2005-present), and social media marketing (2007-present).

Sustainability. In our own practice and for our clients, we make decisions that foster triple-bottom-line results. Our practices and programs meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Ideal Client

New Incite’s ideal marketing client is a business owner or organization leader with the following attitudes:

  1. Believes in a win-win engagement with their marketing service provider
  2. Has business growth goals and recognizes a need to invest in marketing