Case Studies


Green Manufacturing

Software Company Wins the Race with New Marketing Program

A Los Angeles-based Software Company was threatened by a publicly owned competitor who had heavily invested in marketing. Through market research, competitive analysis, and strategic planning we created an image campaign to strengthen the company s position and to generate leads. We worked with the President to create new brochures, newsletters, packaging materials, advertising, mail pieces and trade show programs. The company now exceeds the competition in position and name recognition.

Application Software Firm Rockets Ahead with New Product Launch

An application software company was launching a new product for a more sophisticated market. We worked with the President and VP of Sales to create and implement a new-product roll-out and marketing plan that included new sales support materials, sales training, direct mail, trade shows, and new strategic alliances including IBM, ORACLE and others. Within two years, the company exceeded its projections for the product line, which grossed $1 million in sales.

New Strategy and New Marketing Accelerates Sales for Green Manufacturer

A manufacturer’s new, plant-based, industrial lubricant reduced cumulative emissions up to 60%  and improved fuel economy up to 10% when added to diesel fuel. The company planned to sell the product directly to consumers through retail distribution channels that would require extensive capital and time to set up before any revenue could be realized. We identified two industrial markets that would generate more money faster, and New Incite was brought on as the company’s CMO for Hire. We quickly created two new product lines with new brands and marketing materials, including web sites, whitepapers, sales presentations and a news broadcast to support the sales effort. Within four months the company received a $2 million order from a major corporation – money that funded operations and future sales activity for the start-up company.

Chemical Spin-off Hires “New Incite” for Business Launch Marketing Plan

A large corporation spun off a chemical company that specialized in water treatment. The company found New Incite via an Internet search and hired us to do a marketing plan for the new business. New Incite analyzed the new company’s industry, their competition, and researched marketing opportunities. The deliverable was a practical marketing plan that detailed appropriate marketing tactics, including Internet marketing, trade shows, press in trade journals and more. The plan included how-to information and expected costs for each marketing tactic as well as measures and expected results.

Metal Stamping Manufacturer Increases Sales with New, Search-Engine-Optimized Web Site

A metal stamping company in Northern California struggled to compete in a global marketplace. New Incite analyzed the company’s web site and wrote a detailed plan for a web site update with search engine optimization. Upon approval of the web site plan, New Incite’s graphic designer photographed the company’s products, designed site graphics, and the web developer programmed the new site. New Incite optimized the site for Internet search engines, using the most current “white hat” techniques. Within six months the metal stamping company increased sales by 30% through increased web site traffic and visibility.

Manufacturer of Industrial Lubricants and Chemicals Gets Critical Marketing Direction

After several failed startup attempts, a manufacturer of eco-friendly industrial lubricants and chemicals found a strategy that would allow the company to gain traction. New Incite founder Jennifer Beever acted as the company’s “Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Hire,” and provided senior-level, outsource marketing management and consulting to drive the company’s focus from several products to two strategic products with the greatest sales potential. Jennifer identified the right marketing tactics, created the marketing plan and created new messaging to communicate appropriately to an industrial marketplace. The manufacturer got senior-level marketing expertise much more cost-effectively than if they had to hire a full-time marketing employee with salary plus benefits.

Pool Equipment Manufacturer Swimming Strong after Strategic Analysis

A manufacturer of specialized pool equipment was losing market share as competition increased and prices began to drop. We worked with the owners and General Manager to evaluate marketing strategy and create a new marketing plan including direct mail, articles, press releases, and trade shows. The manufacturer regained its market share and significantly increased revenues.

Fabricator and Distributor Gains Market Intelligence

A fabricator and distributor was looking for new markets to expand into. The company had no marketing department nor had it done any formal marketing. New Incite researched several new product ideas, facilitated sales and marketing planning, helped produce and present the written plan, and helped implement some of the marketing activities. In a tough economic market, the distributor learned of new opportunities and gained a more systematic approach to help them achieve their goals.

Medical Lab Attracts Patients with Web Site

A medical lab had done some marketing with little result. New Incite analyzed their web site, advertising, and collateral materials and made recommendations for change. First, the web site was updated to market to both patients who have healthcare needs and doctors who would refer cases to the lab. An interactive bulletin board was added to allow potential patients to ask the lab doctors about their conditions. As a result, the number of web site visitors increased from 80 to thousands per month, and the lab was able to significantly increase work and revenues.

Medical Practice Launches New Product

Two doctors that ran a cardiology practice had an innovative test that they wanted to launch to the medical community. New Incite helped the doctors develop a brand by bringing in a graphic designer with extensive experience in the health industry. As a team we developed several logo concepts, refined two that the doctors chose, and then helped them select and refine their final logo. After a year the doctors were able to sell the marketing rights for their branded product to a company in Utah for a substantial profit.

Ad Agency Expands B2B with New Incite

A growing Los Angeles ad agency hired New Incite to conduct market research, provide a situation analysis with marketing recommendations, and then manage the implementation of collateral design and other projects for its business to business real estate services client. We presented our findings, including industry, company and competitor analysis, for the agency’s client. Based on our recommendations, the client gave the go-ahead on marketing plan implementation. We used MS Project to keep everyone on the same page and brought the project in under budget and within the client’s time requirement.

Training Company Gets Results through Hard-hitting Marketing Campaign

A company that provides multi-media training products to law firms and corporations wanted to create awareness in their target markets and increase sales. New Incite designed a marketing plan and created an attention-getting campaign to sell the firm s training products for sexual and cyber harassment, racial discrimination, and workplace violence. The Million Dollar Lawsuits are Bad Publicity campaign netted the company a ten-fold return on their marketing investment from new sales alone.

Property Management Company Creates Brand Identity in Changing Marketplace

A property management company in Los Angeles turned to New Incite when its sole source of referrals started to dry up. New Incite researched and wrote a new marketing plan for the company, including direct mail, newsletters, web site updates, PR, article placement, and more. In an industry that was experiencing rapid consolidation, the property manager was able to create brand identity in the niche market they serve.

Adventure Tour Company Forges Competitive Alliances during Industry Downturn

An entrepreneur with an idea for a luxury adventure touring company asked New Incite to help provide market research to validate the idea. Through online and field research, New Incite compiled an extensive competitive analysis and market profile for the client. Although we presented our findings on September 12, 2001, one day after 911 when the tourism industry began a serious downturn, the company was able to create a robust business plan for investors that documented potential opportunity. Through the information in the competitive analysis, the company formed strategic alliances with existing adventure companies that allowed it to launch despite the times.